Building Modern Data Teams

The modern data stack left behind building high performing teams. We’re here to change that. Curated with love by Emilie Schario and Amplify Partners.

Table of Contents

  • Building Data Driven Orgs

    It’s got to be a company-wide initiative.

  • Data Team Strategy

    Whether it’s a department, a division, or two people, we’re here to help you frame your thinking on building a data organization.

  • Types of Work Your Data Team Does

    Figuring out where to start: data activation, experimentation, and more.

  • Data Quality

    Great work starts with organization-wide trust in data.

  • Data Careers

    It’s not just about tooling, we need to focus on careers in the modern data stack.

  • Technical Overviews

    Specific, tactical guidelines that can help demystify buzzwords into actionable changes.

Building Data Driven Orgs

Building a Data Team Strategy

Types of Work Your Data Team Does

Data Careers

Data Quality

Technical Overviews